Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Costa Rica- Part II Pura Vida

Pura Vida! Is the mantra that Costa Rican's (Ticos & Ticas) live by. Roughly translated it means the pure life, but it is used as a greeting, or just to express what a good time/life you have.

A day in our Costa Rican adventure:
The Walkway in our backyard out to the beach
  • The mornings were filled with activities. We would get up and begrudgingly head out onto the beach for a jog/run to sweat out the prior nights beverages. Once you got going, you could not help but admire the setting of your exercise.. certainly beats the treadmill!
  • After a run, Our resident Yogi Kristen would lead the group in some morning yoga. As I previously mentioned, our house was amazing. This being said the house was a transient home for much of the wedding guests, so the morning yoga sessions were filled.
  • Beachin' it up: Walks on the beach, dips in the ever so salty ocean, care free and sparsely populated.It was our own private oasis
  • Surfs up: Mostly everyone went out there surfing. I personally had not been out on a surfboard in years! Jay took me and pushed me through the strong rip current of the Pacific. I am happy to report, I got up and also learned how to paddle out on my own. Uncle Tommy also had a hand and getting surfer girls Jean & Linda out on the waves. Most of the guys (Jay, Dennis, Owen, Matthew, Tommy) could be seen multiple times throughout the day riding the waves

CAUGHT! Even during surfing lessons you get the classic Uncle Tommy Pose!!!
  • Ch Ch Chillin': A good portion of the time was spent around the house, gossiping in the pool, lounging around outside (some of us in the shade.. Luis who got fried on day 1!). You could usually find fresh guac, queso fresco, cocktails, Imperial's or Pilsen's (Costa Rican Beer) in hand. One afternoon there were probably 6 of us napping outside. Around 3pm everyday our resident monkey's would grace us with their presence. Charlie the iguana was always chillin on a log on the path to the beach. 
hiding in the shade!
sista sista

  • We go from Chillin to Grillin:Jay & Luis manned the grill cooking up the delicious fresh fish that we caught by hand! and some chicken. I spent a good portion of my time in the kitchen helping out with lunch and some breakfast as well. Everyone took a turn cooking and cleaning. Let's just say we were never hungry.

Cooking with Momma!
    Lunch: Fresh caugh grouper, mango salsa, fried plaintains, frijoles, rice

    Ali and Bobby were frequent visitors :)

    Sorry for Partying

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