Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lovin' my Lilly Bridal Shower

This post is long overdue, but life has been in fast forward lately. A few weeks ago I was overwhelmed with love and support at my "DC" Bridal shower. With having friends and family split between NJ & DC, it made the most sense to do two showers so that half of the guest were not traveling 3 hours to as they say, "shower me with love". My mom-to-be Grace (aka my DC mom for now almost 6 years!) graciously offered her house which was the perfect shower venue as it has a great open floor plan. My four bridesmaids split up the shower responsibilities so Ashley and Kaitlin were in charge of this shower, and boy do Jenn & Jenna have a lot to live up to!

My Escort & Fiance Luis (Yes we kicked him out- Girls only!)

Ashley organizing the games, the beautiful flower arrangement Jenn made, and of course champagne!

My Favorite gals!

Ok Fine, I do love Lucas.. but I Love my Lilly crown!

My Two Mom's (who both wore purple!)

Some of my personal highlights
  • Punch in mason jars with adorable straws. We will be serving signature cocktails in mason jars at the wedding, so they kept the theme
  • Speaking of themes: Lilly Pulitzer! Need I say more!! Ok, I will: Pink and green table cloths, napkins, plates, Lilly cups as favors, flowers, balloons (look at all the fabulous pictures)
  • Fabulous Presents. My hand-me-down kitchen is sure getting a makeover!
  • My two mom's coordinating in purple
  • My niece and flower girl Hannah and my two pseudo nieces Rea & Lauren stealing the shower, well just being adorable
  • The games- purse scavenger hunt & the newly wed game. As an added incentive, for every question I got wrong I had to say a reason that I love Luis.. In Spanish! Talk about pressure as my Spanish side of the family was there to correct my grammar ;)
    • swoon: L's answer to when he wanted to marry me- by the end of our summer in Spain!
  • Hannah helping me open my presents, particularly the one from my mom!
  • The food- awesome caterer, amazing cakes, and homemade goodies (queso!)
  • A wine wishing well (each guest brought a bottle of wine w. meaning)
  • RECIPE BOOK- each guest brought a recipe. This was my absolute favorite
  • Sleepovers- our house was an Inn that weekend with my mom, Jenn, Hannah, Rea, Lauren, Kaitlin all spent the night. It was so much fun to have the girls around and play dress up before the shower
  • Speaking of dress up. Thank you to my sister for picking out the perfect shower dress (the day before) and thanks to my mom for buying it for me
  • To Sum it up: On the way out, and in the days since the shower I have received so many comments "I want to hire them to plan my shower, I wish all showers were this fun, Can you have another shower?"

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, love and support to those who planned, attended and made my shower so special.

Please check out Kaitlin's amazing blog for additional posts on my BE-A-U-TIFUL shower! She really went into the nitty gritty on decor and food in her post.. check it out!! PS: Follow her blog!!

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