Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Twas two nights after Christmas...

And all through the house,
everyone was exhausted except for the mouse.
The stockings were hung by the fireplace with care
and the mouse decided to run over there

When out of the tree arose such a clatter
I went over to see what was the matter
It clinked and it clanked and I went over to see
but could not find anything inside the tree

Then Luis came down, but I I forget to say
I heard a noise coming from that way
I saw him standing looking in awe
Because of the mouse that he had just saw

A mouse ran across our living room floor
Whats worse, we saw him run across once more
A few minutes later we stood there with poise
But were shocked yet again with some more noise

Scurrying noises came from our beautiful pine
I couldn't take much more, I began to whine
Take this tree outside right this minute
I believe there is another mouse hiding within it

So out the tree went filled with ornaments and lights
This was not what we were expecting on this 'relaxing night'
We spent the night sweeping up tree needles and glass
We just kept on smiling, neither of us was crass

We were laughing the whole time, how could you not?
Our unexpected visitors had troubled us a lot
We were in it together so everything was alright
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

This morning, I am reluctant to report that I owe Luis 20 bucks because his traps actually worked and caught a mouse. I did feel terrible though because the little guy was so freaking cute. We don't need any roommates though, unless they pay rent :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some Christmas Pics

Finn in some Christmas Jammies playing go fish. He caught me mid- picture
(Do have any one and zeros- that is called a 10 Finn
Do you have any over and down's- that's a 7)

A good shot of Nemo the clown fish remote control blimp (for Hannah). In the background you can also see the remote control blimp shark for Finn. On Christmas Eve I raced to the party store (closed) and then ultimately got some helium at CVS. I almost lost Nemo as the string broke and I had to jump up and catch her before she flew away. In the house the dogs were petrified of the balloons. We were up until midnight putting together the balloons, and Jay the dollhouse (to the right).

Another Tree Shot

 Poor Murphy, asleep on the "Bah Humbug" Christmas hat as he was not a fan of the balloons or really anything that was going on.

These were the pictures from my phone, hopefully I can post some pics from my camera soon.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I LOVE Christmas

I feel like I am not in the holiday spirit just yet. I think it is because I have been so busy, I have not had much time to stop and think that it is coming up.. and fast! I am normally antsy pantsy thinking about Christmas nonstop. We went and chopped down our tree this year-celebrate our first Christmas in our new home. We walked through Eastern Market and found the perfect wreath for the front door, wrapped garland around the banister, bought a new snowflake table runner. Luis even strung giant ornaments from the bare tree in our front yard. Kaitlin gave me a tree skirt last year to celebrate our engagement that says "The Paniaguas." This year, at the secret santa exchange, the best secret santa ever, Ashley gave me a doormat that " Happy Holiday's... The Paniagua's" Jenn gave us a vintage trunk that has two adorable snowmen painted on, that says " snow buddies." I thinkw e are doing pretty well in the decoration department. My mom says she always likes her house the best at Christmas (because she has a lot of festive decor).  I guess two weeks ago when we did all of this, and I made some delicious peppermint bark I felt more christmasy then I do today.  I just need to remind myself to get through the week and I will be home Friday afternoon for Christmas this weekend. I cannot wait to see the kids faces on Christmas morning, especially since they are at my parents and that is where Santa will be dropping off the goodies

 Things I am excited for:
- Christmas Eve at the Morris'
- Christmas Eve church with Nannie & Poopa
- Christmas morning breakfast with Nannie & Poopa and just our family
- Collinson Family party
- Hosting a breakfast for my NJ girlfriends on the 26th
- Celebrating one year of being engaged. Love you Lulu.

Well now, as I type this and listen to Pandora Christmas.. I am pumped.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Where were the Giants this weekend?

The Giants had everything to play for this weekend, and as per usual the Redskins did not. This did not interfere with the Redskins from whopping the Giants booty, giving Luis a reason to gloat at the Meadowlands... for once.. I normally get to walk away from the Giants-Redskin's game with the "in yo face" until next time (or next season).. but Luis has bragging rights, for now.

Even though it was 20 degrees, and windy we did have a fun tailgate. We were prepared with a tarp, and two bonfires. Jay did a great job packing up the car, taking over the grumpy dad driver, without the grumpy part. Luis manned the grill. Jenn, Joey, Frank and Krystal were all along for the ride as well. 

 Alex came to his first NFL Game. We now have a certificate to prove it as well
(note: the wind blocking tarp in the background).

Kristin and I drank some girlfriend beers. Sorry Kristin, but it is nice to have another gluten free buddy around.

We all walked away with windburn rivaling coughlin's rosacea, but all in all it was a great time.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Our trip was a great success. We met so many amazing members of our family, some of whom, we didn't really know that much about, and now we know them quite well ( with stories and jokes to boot). Do you know how many Tio's and Tia's a person can have?And to think, I thought the Collinson Clan was large.
I cannot wait to officially become a Paniagua/Gonzalez.

Always a Collinson/Mulligan though :)