Sunday, February 26, 2012

Costa Rica- Part I The Journey & Casa Ana

As I previously mentioned, the grizwalds aka the Collinson Clan headed down to Mal Pais, Costa Rica to celebrate Brett & Yalile's marriage. Mal Pais far exceeds the translation of its name (bad country), it is a beautiful paradise. Too get there is quite the hike, it is well worth the journey. Here is a picture in the airport Wednesday morning when a great majority of the plane was traveling down to the wedding.

Lively bunch at 6Am in Newark Airport

After arriving in San Jose, we had to take a puddle jumper to Tambor. A quick (45 minute) cab ride and we were in our gorgeous house in San Teresa.

Charter flight- Oh you Fancy, Huh?

The boys right behind the pilots. It felt like we were in a flying minivan.

Out my window (over Jenn's nervous laugh)
To say the house belonged on cribs is an understatement. Our amenities included:
  • 5 BR house complete with a huge living space, fully equipped kitchen
  • a dining room table that could accommodate 25+
  • The back side of the house was sliding doors, so the back patio was a true extension of the house.
  • The living space, both inside and out was a variety of couches, lounge chairs, hammocks. Included in this was an outdoor cabana that had over a king-size bed of shaded lounge chairs
  • A refreshing, and surprisingly deep pool
  • an outdoor pool table
  • an outdoor yoga studio-this was incredible... with the ocean roaring in the background we were treated in the morning to yoga classes taught by Kristen!
  • most importantly, our house mascot CLEO! This adorable yellow lab puppy (and by puppy we are estimating her to be around 6-8 years old), followed us around on our walks on the beach, hung out around the house, slept in our room, and was all around amazing. I am still mad Carolyn could not fit her in her luggage.
Here are some pictures from around the house:

The Gang's here

Poolside Cabana

Beach Side Yoga Studio! Thanks Kristen!!

not a bad backyard..


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