Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Costa Rica III- Activities

Away from the house we also participated in Activities:

Fishing: As Brett said, we would fish the "Costa Rican" way. We had 7-8 boats with 5 people each in them and would drop line and pull up enormous groupers and eel fish. It was almost too easy. Some highlights of our boat: pouring wine into water bottles so we didn't have to drink from the bottle (hey we are classy like that), Jay pulling up the biggest fish on the first line out, Luis' brite green shirt and Capt. Emilio getting pissed at him when he lost a fish, Jackie's "You have got to be kidding me!" when I pulled up a sizable fish that we were both offered, Kristin driving the boat, all the girls freaking out when we had to "swim with the fishes" to pee. WE all had enough fish to feed an army. We shared our spoils with each other, the crew, and even Mary's restaurant for the welcome dinner.

Zip lining: Now I almost flaked on zip lining. I had been before, was exhausted and was making every excuse not to go. After some peer pressure, and encouragement from my crispy fiance I hopped on board. Oh boy am I glad that I went. First and Foremost, compared to my other experiences: this was a challenging and somewhat scary and perhaps a little haphazard zip linig course. One of the platforms was a swaying dead tree suspended 200 (?) feet in the air. We all mad it out with all of our limbs and rock hard abs from laughing so much.
  • I have never laughed as hard as I did when Susan and Jean sandwiched a guide on the first triple ride. When they came flying, screaming and laughing into the platform, I almost lost it.  Completely lost it!
  • I personally enjoyed the Superman, where they clip you in by the back so you are flying like superman instead of going in the seated position. Don't worry, a "16 year old" (who said he was 16 but appeared to be about 10) guide went with me and I wrapped my womanly thighs (yes, I have big thighs and that is the nice way, I guess, to say it) around his tiny frame as he was to act as my break. Thank Goodness there was a safety on this line as I of course separated from this fragile, poor unsuspecting child. Not to be outdone, Jackie of course did the superman as well.
  • Jackie and I, always competing, both went upside down with no hands. Patty Palko decided to up her game and went upside down, but I'm pretty sure I saw one hand gripping on for dear life.
  • Three words: Paulie Callahan Camcorder. I am anxious to see Paulie's video as he gripped on for dear life to his camcorder on each line.
  • speaking of Paulie, I have to hand it to his brave daughters Meghan & Kelly Ann.

    ATV'S: These four wheelers are a common mode of transportation down here. Although Meredith almost bucked me off of hers, and we rode in the same gear the whole time.. we all gradually gained more experience as the week went on. Jay & Jenn went on to Montezuma in there's. Matthew & Tommy seemed to be attached to theirs, even Brett & Yalile road after their wedding on an ATV. In addition to transportation, we also went joy riding on empty beaches and trails outside of town. Please note: Jackie rode on the ATV's solely to get a picture on one.

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